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BOHOL island

Why you must visit Bohol?

It is indeed true that not only apples keep the doctors away — nature does it as well. And when talking about serenity and off the beaten tracks, Bohol is definitely a place to be. From the depths of blue ocean to the warmth of the powdery sand, there’s more for you to savor throughout the year in this beautiful island province.

With the rich natural wonder that this archipelago beholds, it became one of the most popular tourist-friendly attractions in the Philippines. It is located in Central Visayas consisting of diverse sub-islands. Just so you know, Bohol is the tenth largest island in the country.

Just before this place was known for its superb on and off the shore experiences, Bohol has been a home of Carlos P. Garcia, the eighth president of the Philippines. A product of Boholanos’ ethnolinguistic intelligence and skills. And a proud descendant of the last group of settlers in the country called “pintados”.

Traverse into the world of adventure with the cute-bug eye tarsiers, tiny humpy hills, and breathtaking diving experience. You can also unwind under the shades of large coconut trees around the shore. More often, jumping to an escapade of ecotourism set up is one of the best ways to enjoy this island.

Also, try to know more about the diverse culture of Bohol by experiencing the beautiful lifestyle of their people. Eat like Boholanos. Talk like Boholanos. Celebrate like Boholanos. And have the best holiday journey you will ever have!

Most Popular Tours in Bohol

Bohol Day tours provide a full packed travel experience to all tourists bound in the majestic island of Bohol. Explore our different day tour and island hopping packages that suits your budget. You can choose between the different variety of options personalized to your needs and preferences.

Private Bohol Countryside Day Tour

Be captivated on the wonderful island of Bohol with our trained drivers and tourist guides. Hop on different adventure trails, have a face to face interaction with the smallest primates (tarsiers), and do sight-seeing on the mysterious Chocolate Hills. Also, you will get the chance to end your escapade with a sumptuous meal in a dreamy floating restaurant.

Panglao Island Day Tour

Have a blast in this low-lying sun blast island of Panglao. It is a prestigious holiday resort in the southernmost part of Bohol. And the good thing about this place, you don’t need a boat to get there! You can walk through the long stretch of a land bridge connecting this island to the main island. Indulge in their relaxing massage, swim in the crystal clear waters, explore their underground water source, and discover more activities that await you here!

Panglao Island Hopping

Getting bored with the adventures of Panglao island? Then surf up to this one of a kind island hopping that we offer. We will guide you through the two of the well-known islands near Panglao: the Virgin island and Balicasag island. Have the best of your stay in Bohol through a quick visit to the other islets around.

Most Visited Tourist Destinations in Bohol

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