Secret Spots In Bohol Your Tour Guide Probably Didn’t Tell You About

Besides the Chocolate Hills, Bohol has many places worth a spot on your travel itinerary. Tourist spots often end up being too commercial, too filled with traffic, too crowded, or even polluted from all the people. Plus, sometimes they don’t feel authentic anymore. If you really want to go off the beaten path and see spots in Bohol where you can pretend you were the first to discover them, read on. Pay attention, especially you beach junkies out there, we’re revealing some secret spots in Bohol you’ve probably not seen in guidebooks.

On top of our list is Panglao. It’s not so well known and yet recognized. What does that mean, you ask? Well, Travel+Leisure Magazine has featured it in a list compiling the best secret beaches in the world. It’s just a 25-minute drive from Bohol City main to the beach, where you can coast down a 19th-century causeway, adding even more picture-perfect moments to your trip.

Bohol has a lot of towns and beaches and coves that are often passed over in favor of more popular and known destinations. These places are still worth stopping over in, or even making your whole trip. Check out Bilar, hosting Logarita Spring and a butterfly conservation center. Bien Unido, near Ubay, has stunning underwater grottos. You can even catch some waves. And if you’re visiting anytime from January to May, check out Canawa Spring in Candijay. Any other time of the year there’s still rice terraces to climb and the Can-umantad Falls to swim in.

Want untouched beaches? Top of that list – Anda, and don’t forget to check out the ‘other’ side of Lamanok Point plus hear the story behind it. Garcia-Hernandez’s rocky coastline hides a number of smaller beaches. The town of Loon boats something pretty huge – having one of the most beautiful diving sites in the Philippines. See if they’re right!

Adventure seekers and hiking enthusiasts, do stop by San Isidro. Climb to the top of Candungaw Peak (think of some memorable one-liner to shout as you reach the summit). There’s also Catijong Cave and Kilab-kilab Falls, perfect for an outdoor adventure trip.

Bohol is a beautiful island where each barangay has a unique story and every hectare of the land hides immeasurable beauties. For a trip that goes off the regular path and sees more of Bohol than just the city, try these destinations. Been here already? Don’t worry, there’s, even more, we just couldn’t fit them in this article!

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