Why You Should Go Island Hopping In Bohol

Aside from Panglao Island, you can have the best beach vacation in Bohol. Even if you live within Bohol, you can start exploring some beautiful spots to go island hopping. Travel by pump boat with loved ones and see smaller islands of the province. It’s a worthwhile and breathtaking experience to see the different side of Bohol.

Whale and dolphin watching

This tour makes you see a hundreds of whales or dolphins playing and jumping by the sea. To see the real beauty of the fishes, visit Bohol during summer season. Typically the best time to view these adorable creatures is around early part of the morning. You can feed them with food or small fishes, and you get to see them leaping and swimming underneath your boat and above seawater. It is such a lovely sight to see!

Pamilacan Island

It is a small island near Panglao. After viewing the whales and dolphins play, this island should continue your thrill and excitement with fishes. It’s one of the best areas in Bohol to go diving, snorkeling and swimming. If you brought in some food, you can have a picnic with loved ones by the seashore. Enjoy breathing the fresh gentle breeze and walking silently down the white sandy beach.

Balicasag Island

The best part to go scuba diving and snorkeling is the Balicasag Island. It allows you to explore the amazing and magnificent coral reefs. On the island, you see two lighthouses that help you see clearly at night. A government owned resort should provide shelter when you want to stay here overnight. It is a landmark with only few population in Bohol.

Virgin Island

It is a small islet that appears at low tide and disappears during high tide. There is not much to see in the island but a long string of white sandy beaches. When you set foot on the island, you only see wild cats that have been left behind. There are also few plants and mangroves growing on the island. It is a beautiful island; but you can’t afford to stay or live here.

Cabilao Island

This is certainly a must-see island in Bohol. If you want to go scuba diving or snorkeling, you can view the magnificent coral reefs beneath the seawaters. Find yourself accommodated in any of the three beautiful resorts of the island. You can mark down a fruitful stay here, which should complete your short vacation in Bohol.

Pump boats should cost you around P1,000 to P1,500 to see these places. It may be surprising that you can go island hopping in Bohol. In fact, lots of tourists have seen these magnificent places. To ensure you complete your stay in Bohol in a fun way, ensure you have booked in great travel tours including island hopping. Never forget to bring your cameras or tablets to mark down the unforgettable experience. Maybe in the near future, you decide to return as reminisce the experience once again.

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